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Yangzhou Nuoya Machinery Co, Ltd organik bir bütün haline ilaç makineleri, gıda makineleri ve kimyasal makinelerden geliştirme, üretim ve korelasyon hizmetini içeren bir bilimsel ve teknolojik bir kuruluştur. Ana ürünler: Equipments used for troche & Capsule production line. Details Including: tablet press machine, capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, mixer, pulverizer, granulator, dryer and so etc. NOAH’s human integrity & dedication, through hard work and struggle for many years, so our products has become a symbol of high quality, with a large number of domestic and foreign customers, meanwhile we have established long-term cooperative relations with many customers, products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions such as the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, etc.

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Principle of wet granulator and precautions in granulation
1.Wet granulation : high-speed granulation principle High-speed mixing granulation generally involves two steps of mixing (in some cases, some materials need to be pre-mixed) and granulation. When granulating, the adhesive is also sprayed down from the top of the material. The liquid in the adhesive wets the surface of the drug powder to cause adhesion between the particles, and then the powder agglomerates under the action of the liquid bridging formed by the binder and the applied mec...
Common problems and characteristics of FL fluidized bed granulation
One of wet granulation: fluidized bed granulation   The mechanism of particle growth during fluidized bed granulation is divided into: coating growth and agglomeration growth. The growth of the coating means that the adhesive is spread on the surface of the particles in the form of droplets, and the layers are wrapped to make the particles grow. The agglomeration refers to a liquid bridge or solid formed by two or more particles formed by a binder. The bridges are reunited to make ...